Saturday, 17 February 2007

Publish or Perish! Still important to get your stuff out there.

This is a message to all my friends and colleagues, especially those who have written novels, training programs, academic articles and other stuff that I know you’ve got stuck in your bottom drawer.

It’s time to drag them out, brush off the dust and have them published. FREE!

Globusz Publishing is looking for new writers. So get with the program guys and send in your manuscripts.

It’s easy, and it pays to get internet exposure.




Check out these links to see what you have to do. Come on, don’t be shy. You know you’re great, so why not share your work with the world. You’ll get great feedback from readers and who knows mainstream publishers might make you an offer you can’t refuse.

WARNING: If you wrote the works while a college or university employee check to make sure the academic institution isn’t the copyright owner. If you wrote it in your own time, and not part of your usual teaching duties, it’s probably yours to give away, but it pays to check before you send it in.

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