Friday, 15 June 2007

Looking for a life changing event? This is it!!!

This morning I sent this email to everyone in my address book.

Watch this video and I dare you to tell me it had no affect on you. I dare you tell me the video didn't make you reassess your perception of education and learning. I dare you to tell me the video content has nothing to do with reality.

You won't take the dare, because it will affect you. Your perceptions of education and learning will change, and the video has everything to do with reality. It is the new reality and there's no sense hiding from it.

From the number of responses I received there were plenty of people taking early coffee breaks so they could watch it a few times, and then show it to work colleagues.

I decide to put it on the blog to give others the opportunity to see one of the best all time videos. Watching it really is a life changing event.

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Diann said...

Suzanne, this is great. Thanks for posting it. Great to see your blog.

Diann Payne
(the person who shared the student photostories yesterday.)