Saturday, 14 April 2007

It's an exciting world out there!

A friend pointed out an interesting article in the Sydney Herald by Dale Spender.

Finally there is someone else who understands young people's learning needs. And the fact they need, and want, a new way of interacting with the world.

Young people do not want, or need, to be taught 'talk and chalk' style.

Why? Because they found out a long time ago, that teachers aren't God. And they also found out that teachers don't know everything.

And guess what else they found out? Shock, horror, they found out they actually know a lot more than teachers often give them credit for. And wonder of wonders, they have discovered the joy of being actively involved in the learning process.

They made some great discoveries in very short timeframe. Congratulations to all those young learners out there. Well done kids!

Young people want mentors who can guide them. People who talk to them honestly about the world they're soon going to enter. They want to hear about the good, the bad and the ugly.

They want to be able to make informed decisions about their own learning and how it fits into the scheme of things. Especially how it fits into the world of industry and commerce.

They need good teachers who respect them. Teachers who trust their ability to make exciting and worthwhile discoveries for themselves.

Young learners need window openers and encouragers. They don't need to be: talked at - talked down to - and most of all they
don't need people telling them they can't take responsbility for their own learning.

Why? Because they can! And they do! And they do it very well indeed.

This is a good article and well worth reading.

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Education of the young, and not so young, is worth the trouble. Go on; Do it!


Unknown said...

Without doubt we live in a new demanding world however basic principals never change.The western section of this planet has two important facets freedom and democracy.Most critical are the basic tenants that established this status quo.Western society was and is founded on biblical princpals these do not change.We should encapsulate act on this basis.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what encapsulate act means?

Anonymous said...

I can! It means just the sort of thing you're trying to get rid of. It means talking down to people and confusing them with nonsense.

What happened to talking plain English? It works!

We should encapsulate act on this basis - DOESN'T

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, the Collins Australian English dictionary states the following: 1 - to enclose in a capsule; 2 - to condense, abridge.

Pospon needs to buy a new dictionary. He's got the meaning totally wrong. Surely?

Condense one's act - to abridge one's act?

An interesting one indeed!

Anonymous said...

These basic tenants who established the status quo sound like good people. Could I rent my house to them?

Anonymous said...

Renting your house to them might not be a good idea. Because the basic principles never change, how would you negotiate a rent increase with these good people? If you were locked into a contract that you could never vary, how would you make sure the rent you charged matched the current market trends. You would find yourself out of pocket after a few years.

bastardino said...

Ah yes, and forget the bond because they're sooo good!
This doesn't sound very brave or exciting....just BASIC. Surely we have well and truly choked on that capsule?

Unknown said...

Pehaps encapsulate was a poor choice of word.If talking down to was picked up mentoring was meant.No doubt many useful things can be learnt from older people,hoever basics dont change.

Suzanne Fleming said...

Hey guys, I think it's time to give poor old Pospon a break. Love your comments and agree with them all, but we don't want the site to get a reputation for hard-core comment bashing.

We want people to leave comments without worrying about an attack from the comment terrorist squad.

Thanks for the lively debate. It’s great, but it’s time to move on. There are more interesting things to get our teeth into. See you again soon,